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When I hang up a bird feeder in the backyard, I started to wonder when they would come? who were they? and occasionally I would be happy to see the bird visitors. I realized that for me, the greatest joy of feeding birds is not what I thought it was at first - just to help other biological friends.

It’s hard to describe how I feel when I see them. Buying a bag of seeds every half month seems to be less troublesome. From them, I feel the breath of nature---freedom, wildness, and maybe more.

Quietly watching the chirping of the bird friends, it seems that they took me past the branches they flew over, the blue sky that glided over, the lakes that passed by, the mountains that they passed over. I began to understand that for people who spend a lot of time, energy, and money watching birds, this is a kind of quiet enjoyment of indulging in nature.

However, I still don’t have the courage to take a professional camera and binoculars and go to a place for a week or two just to take pictures of beautiful birds. I think most people, like me, watching what they are already in the yard is a kind of comfort.

There are many articles that teach you how to attract birds to the yard. I will list some of them without repeating them. I mainly want to share with you how to watch birds in the backyard.

4 simple ways to attract birds:

Set the table and provide ample food (do bears sit in the woods)


Try to place the bird feeder in a safe environment. (It is covered by bushes, etc.) Be careful to stay away from the environment where the cat can hide.


Add a bird bath, which allows bird friends to drool in a frozen environment.


It is possible to build a shelter but stay away from the bird feeder. Birds have territorial awareness, but bird feeders attract more than one family.

Pay attention to cleaning bird feeders and bird baths to avoid bird infections.

When you do these or a few of them, some birds will slowly visit your backyard. Please wait.

The birds will find your banquet, but it may take several weeks. Sparrows may appear first, and other birds will follow. Soon, bluebirds, cardinals, finches, and others will arrive. Hummingbirds will stay in the warmer months. After setting up the feeder, you will see birds you have never seen before. What species you will encounter depends on where you are.

When your home becomes the most popular foraging ground, you can sit down and enjoy the show. It's fun to watch the birds vying for positions on the feeder, and it's also fun to pay attention to how they come and go.

1/ Observing with the naked eye is actually a good thing.

2/ If you don't want to miss the rare ones like me, you can find a suitable location to install a small camera, similar to a security camera, you can view it on your mobile phone.

3/ Most people will also buy a pair of binoculars, which cost 100-3000 USD, but according to the distance most people place, 8 times or less is enough.

4/ Take a few photos. It’s still worth tens of thousands of dollars on a mobile phone that you carry with you, depending on whether you just want to see or want a high-resolution photo like the one on National Geographic.

5/ For people like me who don’t want to invest too much money and don’t want to guard behind the window, of course, they don’t want to miss the bird. It’s best to leave a few photos to understand what kind of person he is, what he likes to eat, and what Time to multiply. The smart bird feeder is a good novelty choice. He will remind you when a bird visitor stops, and automatically recognize and leave a photo.

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