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Jepara Indonesia Furniture Manufacture and Exporter


Dejepara: Jepara Indonesia Furniture Manufacturer & Exporter · by DeJepara

  • Perfect Details Within Premium Quality
    Luxury is in each detail - we make it matter

  • Traditional Taste Over Modern Look
    Creating your cozy space with traditional touch



ONE-STOP SOLUTION FOR YOUR FURNITURE NEEDS, Our expertise is in making premium class furniture using traditional Jepara carvings with modern furniture styles

About Us

Customized Materials

We use teak wood as the best material for your furniture; however, you can ask for other materials and finishing for your orders.

Premium Quality

You will get quality products with high standard of quality control that makes your furniture lux and durable. indonesia furniture manufacturer





The Jepara woodcarving is well-known around the world. Here, your furniture will be uniquely carved, and it’s all handmade.

Large Capacity

Since it is handmade, you may be worried about how many we can make. But don’t worry, we can handle. Projects in a month!

On-time Delivery

Beside the premium quality, we are also focusing on the customer satisfaction, especially for the delivery time, we are committed on on-time delivery!

16 Year Experience Working


Carving Table

Carving Table

Carved Chair

Carved Chair

Cutting Furniture Materials

Process of Forming Raw Materials

Our Gallery



16 wonderful years in furniture manufacture, and still counting. A number of people who are passionate in crafting pieces of woods into classy-designed furniture.indonesia furniture exporter

Starbuck Project in Bali

Starbuck Project in Bali

50+ Projects Accomplished for offices, houses, cafes, and hotels


Facts about Jepara Furniture

Jepara is well-known as a carving City in Indonesia, even it is also known as the World Carving Center. The carving is not only in the form of relief, but also furniture.

So, what is so special about Jepara furniture?

  1. Jepara furniture can match to almost all types of home or office decorations.

  2. It is consistently made from teak wood that is premium material for furniture.

  3. The unique Jepara carving can be found almost in all furniture.

  4. Since it is made from teak wood, it is wear resistant.

  5. Not only wear resistant, teak wood is also waterproof and termite repellent.

  6. Jepara furniture are also elegant and classy.

  7. They also have various products.

  8. Jepara furniture also popular with it excellent finishing.

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Why High-Quality Wood Make for Premium Furniture

The reason why high-grade wood makes for premium furniture is quite obvious. It is in line with the saying ‘you get what you pay’....

18 Feb 2021

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Placing an Order

Tell us what you need or ask any information you need; via email or call or directly come to our office.

Submitting Our Offer

After knowing you needs, we will count and submit the offer to you.

Project Execution

If you have approved the offer, the order will soon be executed by our professional team.

Delivery Process

After the second quality control done, the order will be delivered to the destination.

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Dejepara: The Largest Furniture Manufacturer and Exporter in Indonesia
About Dejepara, the Best Furniture Manufacturer from Indonesia

Good quality furniture comes with excellent materials and of course a great skill of the carpenter. It’s not that easy to find a good product especially furniture with a perfect design and also a great quality. But, there is one place where you can find furniture with awesome quality. Dejepara: Indonesia Furniture Manufacturer & Exporter will serve you more than you’ve expected.jepara furniture

  1. Indoor Furniture

    It’s the best Indonesia furniture manufacturer and exporter you can find in this world. They provide the best quality furniture that will satisfy you. There are many various types of indoor furniture you can find from this manufacturer. We all know that indoor furniture will gives big impact to the room atmosphere. That’s why you need to choose the right furniture to fill every room in your home. Dejepara: Indonesia Furniture Manufacturer & Exporter offers you many kinds of furniture with various design. Ask the product catalogue so you can see all of their products and decide which one you will buy. About the quality, you need to pay attention for the material information. Just ask the customer service about the detail material information. There is no specific rule to choose the indoor furniture. What you need to do is decide what kind of furniture you need and of course the theme of that room. Color coordination also important, so please choose the right color for your indoor furniture.

  2. Outdoor Furniture

    Having an outdoor environment in your home must be very fun. You can use this space to spend your spare time with family and friend. Please make this outdoor space as a comfortable spot by pick the right outdoor furniture. Wooden furniture will be the perfect choice to be placed in the outdoor environment. Indonesia furniture especially that you can find in Jepara, Central Java will give you the best quality outdoor furniture. They make the best wooden furniture with great wooden material. Not only the material, they also produce the furniture with an excellent design. No doubt, their work will satisfy you as a customer.

  3. Garden Environment

    Do you want to have a beautiful garden in your home? It will be perfect if you can have a beautiful spot with pretty plants and of course great furniture. For your garden, you can choose the wooden furniture. Garden furniture actually doesn’t have a big difference with the outdoor furniture. Decorate your garden with your own taste. Dejepara: Indonesia Furniture Manufacturer and Exporter from Indonesia will provide you the best garden furniture. Just make sure that the garden furniture has a great quality and suitable to be placed outside.

  4. Private Home

    Absolutely every people in this world need a comfortable and beautiful home. For your private home, you will need a right furniture. The furniture will define the look of your home. It’s also affect the convenience in your home. When you choose a right furniture, you will feel more comfortable. It will help you love your home more and more. When it comes to your private home, you need to choose the furniture by your own personal taste. Choose the furniture based on what you love, start from the color, design, size, etc. But, please remember that you have to choose the furniture you need. Don’t fill your home with many furniture that you don’t really need.

  5. Hotel and Office Furniture

    Dejepara: Indonesia Furniture Manufacturer and Exporter not only provide furniture for a personal home. You can also get the hotel or office furniture from them. They produce furniture in a huge amount with same design and of course great quality. Tell them if you need to buy furniture for hotel, office, or maybe other public facility. When it comes to hotel or office furniture, you need to consider the price carefully. You need a huge amount of furniture, so it will be better if you can get the best price. Don’t be hesitate to ask about the price and try to negotiate so you will get a discount.

Custom Furniture

Dejepara: Indonesia Furniture Manufacturer & Exporter will serve you with their best service. They’re not only offer a product but also give you a chance to customize your own furniture. Yes, you can order the custom furniture from them. But, what are the advantages of ordering custom furniture? Here are some advantages you should know about it.

  1. Suitable with Your Taste

    Custom furniture will be very suitable with your personal taste. It may be hard for you to find the right product that match with your style. If it’s become harder, you can order custom furniture. Just ask the manufacturer to create the furniture as you want. Make sure that you give them the design, size detail, and of course what kind material that you want. Many people want to have an unique and impressive furniture. It will waste your time if you want to search and buy it directly. You will save more time by order custom furniture.

  2. Adjusted to Your Budget

    People usually think that order a custom furniture will cost more money. May be it’s true that you have to spend a lot of money for a custom furniture. But in the other hand, you can adjust your budget by customize your own furniture. Just discuss it with the manufacturer and you will get the best recommendation from them. Make sure that your budget is enough. Ask the manufacturer to help you create the best furniture without need to spend a lot of money. As long as the quality is good enough and you like the design, it will be great!

  3. Adjusted with Its Quality

    Every furniture product has its own quality. It depends on what type of quality you want. If you want the best quality, you need to prepare more money. The opposite, when you only have limited budget then you can ask the manufacturer to lowering the quality by change the material. Custom furniture is a perfect choice when you need a specific furniture with limited budget. The best Indonesia furniture manufacturer that you can find in Jepara will help you to solve the problem. You can get the custom furniture without need to spend a lot of money that exceed the budget.

  4. Adjusted to Your Need

    Please always consider what you need. Actually, you can’t buy all of furniture and place them in your home. You need to choose what furniture you need and what product you don’t need. If it’s difficult for you to find a furniture product that match with your need, then just customize it. Jepara, Indonesia furniture produces various products that will suitable with your need. You can discuss it with the manufacturer about what kind of furniture that you really need. For the example, you need a customized dining table with specific size that could be fold when you don’t use it.

  5. Match with the Room

    Dejepara: Indonesia Furniture Manufacturer & Exporter will provide many products with beautiful design and color. You need to choose the right one that match with your room. If it’s too hard for you to find a furniture that match in your room, don’t be hesitate to customize it. You can also show the manufacturer about your room so they will make the furniture as match as possible with the room style. Dejepara is the best Indonesia furniture manufacturer and exporter. You not only can buy the furniture from there but also customize furniture you want. As long as you’re patient enough to wait your customize thing.

Furniture Shopping

Choose your favorite furniture and buy it! Sounds very fun, right? There are many types of furniture that you will see everyday but you can’t buy all of them. So, what you need to do? Here are some things you have to do when you need to go for furniture shopping.

  1. Consider the Quality

    Quality is over everything. You need to choose the furniture based on the quality. If the material is good and the manufacturer has a great skill to produce the furniture, then it will be enough for you. When you buy something based on its quality, there is no doubt that you will feel satisfied. The furniture will be stay in a good condition for a long time because it has great quality. It doesn’t matter if you need to spend more money. It’s better than you buy the furniture in a cheap price but you have to buy the new one because the old one was broken. The conclusion is you have to pay attention for its quality before you buy the furniture.

  2. Choose the Right Design

    Today, we find that furniture comes not only with great quality but also good design. People become smarter and more creative to make a good furniture design. Choose the best design that match with your style and also your room. Choose the one that have a long lasting design, but if you want something unique it doesn’t matter. Just pick the one that fit your taste. Talk about the design, you may find it harder because there is no product that match your style. That’s why you can choose to order custom furniture in Dejepara. Dejepara: Indonesia Furniture Manufacyurer and Exporter, especially located in Jepara, has a great quality product and of course you can request the design you want.

  3. It Must be Functional

    Make sure that the furniture you buy has a great function. Your furniture must be functional because you don’t need it only as a decoration. You need a furniture that has a specific function and help you to keep the home still tidy everyday. Besides the design, you need to make sure that it has a function you need. Decorating a home is little bit challenging. You need to choose what type of furniture should be placed in the home. Especially for furniture indoor with limited space. We all know that indoor area with limited space need a correct arrangement. If you don’t do that, the home will look smaller than before. If possible, try to buy a furniture with more than one function. For the example, you can pick a table that can be used as a dining table and working table. This type of furniture will be very suitable if you only have a limited space in your home.

  4. Consider the Price

    Always make time to check the price before you buy the furniture. Considering the price is an important thing you should do. Especially if you need to buy the furniture in a huge amount. Just compare the price from different manufacturer. You will know, which one offers you the best quality product with best price. This is important no matter what type of furniture you need to buy. It’s indoor, outdoor, garden, or anything else. That’s why you need to have more than one source or manufacturer so you can comparing the price and find the one that suitable with your budget.

  5. Ask the Customer Service

    You need information before you make a transaction. Please call the customer service and ask them about the product, design, price, and many more. Ask them about anything you want to know before you buy the product. Not less important, you need to ask about the shipment method especially when you need to import the product from another country. Don’t forget, you can also ask the customer service to send you their product catalogue. Checking the catalogue will help you to decide your choice. You can also read the detail material in their catalogue. If you want to order custom furniture, then you need to discuss it carefully with the customer service. That’s all you need to know about Dejepara and how you can get the perfect furniture for yourself. This is the best furniture manufacturer and exporter that you can find. They produce many types of furniture that you need in your home. They also comes with a great quality product so it will make you feel satisfy with all of their work.


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