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The Great Thing About Poker? "Anyone Can Learn To Win”

October 28, 2020 Matthew PittCheck out this interview with Canadian PLO grinder David Arnold.

David Arnold is a player you will have battled with if you ever play at Run It Once Poker. You won’t know it’s him because Run It Once employs a Table Alias to keep players anonymous and to protect them from predatory behavior. Not that Arnold is bothered much about that because he’s a regular winner on the site. poker88 asia

Run It Once Poker leadRboards

Arnold has excelled in the Run It Once leadeRboards over the past few months. Winning the PLO20 and PLO50 races a few times and regularly featuring in the top three places, padding his bankroll with free cash and even more Legends rewards.

The 31-year-old from the awesomely named Moose Jaw in Saskatchewan, Canada, which is, apparently, home to the world’s largest moose statue known as Mac the Moose, has played poker for more than 15 years. His Uncle Dave and father Kevin introduced him to poker during a home game.

A few years later, when he was old enough to play online poker, he did exactly that, joining Full Tilt Poker. Arnold started at NL50 and quickly progressed to NL400.

“Multi-tabling for me was always easy for some reason. I started out playing four tables and quickly got to 15 tables at once. That was the most invaluable skill as it allowed me to make more money faster, especially back then when the games were very good.”

Race To Your Share of €10,000 in the RIO leadeRboards

Making The Switch To Pot-Limit OmahaDavid Arnold in action

He switched to Pot-Limit Omaha in 2014 despite all of his success in the Hold’em games. This is because he was aiming to hit the now-defunct Supernova Elite VIP level at PokerStars. PLO players earn more points than NLHE players per hand.

“In 2015, I reached Supernova Elite playing mainly PLO200. After this, I rarely played no-limit hold’em as I just fell in love with PLO. I mean, who doesn’t love getting two more cards?”

More recently, it is Run It Once Poker where Arnold has spent a large percentage of his time grinding. The relatively new addition to the poker world is continually growing and evolving, doing so with its customers at the forefront of their thoughts. Why did Arnold swap the world’s busiest online poker site for Run It Once Poker?

Supporting His Poker Herophil Galfond is David Arnold's poker hero and founder of Run It Once Poker

“What first attracted me to Run It Once Poker was Phil Galfond. The guy was and still is one of my poker heroes. So when I heard he was creating a site, I knew it would be something special. The rake is structured in a way where you can win even at the lowest levels and build a bankroll, whereas on other sites this is almost completely impossible it seems. Especially with the leadeRboards, one is able to build a very nice bankroll on the site starting with almost nothing, which is great for poker.”

Indeed it is good for the game and should be commended.

Winning any leaderboard is no mean feat due to the intense grinding required. Arnold has never had an issue with putting in long hours at the poker table.

A Typical Day in the Life of a Grinder

“When you are used to driving a tractor for 16 hours a day, sometimes playing a little poker isn’t so tough!”

A typical leaderboard grinding day for Arnold starts at 7:00 a.m., have a shower, get dressed and check out what games are running. He’ll then commit to playing all day until the games completely break up. He then heads to the gym to blow off some steam, comes home, eats, and relaxes by watching some movies.

“Sometimes, it’s 12-hours of straight poker. If it’s a weekly leaderboard I do this for the first few days and hopefully, gain a good lead. If it’s a daily leaderboard, then it’s over in a single day. I enjoy playing both formats, some players prefer the daily ones more.”

Grinding for a prolonged period of time can be tough mentally and you can sometimes become your own worst enemy. We’ve spoken to leaderboard winners in the past who say it’s difficult to play your best poker when you have other players breathing down your neck and racking up points. There are hurdles to overcome if you want to be a leaderboard winner.

“As far as the biggest hurdles to get over when grinding leaderboards, I would say just try not to tilt as that can quickly ruin your sessions. Also, you may have to play heads-up or short-handed a lot, which can seem intimidating to some players, but it is so much more fun than playing at a full table.”

Run It Once Poker Releases Sit-N-Gos Teaser Trailer

Hard Work Pays Off in the Long Run

Arnold admits that he’s not much of a student of the game in respect of reading books and analyzing hands, he prefers learning on the job, so to speak, gaining experience through playing the game. He has watched some PLO strategy videos by his hero Galfond on the Run It Once training site, which he highly recommends doing if you want to take your game to the next level. To succeed in poker, however, you need to be prepared to work hard.

“I don’t have an end goal in mind, maybe Las Vegas and the Mirage? The great thing about poker is that anyone can learn to win. Anyone can work hard, you just have to put in the work and it pays off in the long run.”

For the time being, Arnold plans to continue grinding the PLO20 and PLO50 cash game leadeRboards, but he doesn’t have any real poker-related goal in mind. If you want to be a leaderboard grinder, Arnold suggests you should also make sure you’re having fun and love playing poker. You should also plan your sleep around the times where the games are busier and don’t be afraid to play short-handed or even heads-up.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise after reading this interview that Arnold is a big fan of Run It Once Poker.

“If you’re considering trying out Run It Once Poker, I highly recommend it. The software is amazing with the dynamic avatars and the games themselves are great. It almost feels like you’re playing live poker. I’ve seen some plays that I haven’t seen since 2008, which is great for poker! It has a very friendly community and you can build a bankroll from the smallest stakes.”

Claim Your Special €600 Run It Once Poker Bonus

So there you have it, Run It Once Poker should be the next online poker site that you give some business to. If you download Run It Once Poker via PokerNews, you are entitled to a 100% up to €600 welcome bonus.

All your deposits for the first 30-days after your first deposit are matched 100% up to a combined total of €600. You also have forever to release the bonus into your playable balance as long as you play at least one raked hand every 30-days.

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poker88 asia


World Series of Poker Main Event Champ Argues Poker Is Game Of Chance To Avoid Tax Payment

Jonathan Duhamel racked up $18.2 million in live tournament earnings over the course of his poker career thanks to his exceptional poker skill. He just can’t say that to the Canadian government. poker88 online

A report from The Canadian states that tax authorities are pursuing $1.2 million in back taxes from the Quebec native, who won the World Series of Poker main event in 2010 for $8.9 million. Most Canadian poker players have the luxury of keeping the entirety of their winnings because according to Canadian tax laws, earnings from games of chance are not taxable.

While poker is generally classified as a game of chance, the Canada Revenue Agency claims Duhamel owes the government on money won from poker tournaments between 2010-2012 because Duhamel was operating as a business. If the CRA wins the case, it could be doubly painful for the three-time WSOP bracelet winner as Revenu Quebec could then pursue a case and force Duhamel to cough up another $2.4 million.

The CRA cited Duhamel’s former sponsorship with PokerStars, which was worth $1 million consisting of $480,000 in cash and $520,000 in tournament buy-ins, the fact he has had an agent since 2010, his “hedging operation” more commonly referred to in the poker world as “swapping action” with other poker players, and the fact that poker was his sole source of income aside from his investments, as to why he should be considered a business.

The CRA also used a few less-than-stellar arguments to make the case. The agency pointed to the fact that he “behaves like a serious businessman” when he is at the table, that he “considers himself” a professional poker player, and that he is “constantly on the lookout for new strategies.”

To combat those charges, Duhamel must downplay his own skill advantage and claim it was all thanks to Lady Luck.

According to the report, Duhamel is arguing that his “substantial” $8.9 million score “is only the result of chance.” Sure, his skill level may have been above the average player in the field, but the cards still needed to fall his way to win that specific event. In other words, without a little good fortune, he wouldn’t have won the money.

He also claims that he never received any formal poker training, he never used a specific system that would tilt the odds in his favor, and that his PokerStars sponsorship only came as a result of his main event victory, another circumstance of chance.

The case is scheduled to be heard in court in March of 2021.

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Protecting Your Poker Game: Can You Pass The Card Cheat Quiz?

Houston Curtis Shows Off His Card Manipulation SkillsIf you’ve followed my articles thus far or have read my book, Billion Dollar Hollywood Heist, then you know about my history as a card mechanic and poker hustler. Throughout my career playing high-stakes poker in Hollywood, I’ve seen just about every scam that could ever be perpetrated with a deck of playing cards. poker 88

Today, I consult with casinos and individuals who run high-stakes poker games in order to help them protect their players from all sorts of cheating tactics. And while it doesn’t pay nearly as well as running over a game like in the old days, I suppose it’s a respectable side hustle that keeps me close to my love of card manipulation.

Then again, maybe helping detect cheaters is my penance for so many years developing and deploying what I like to call “skills of a misspent youth.”

To truly understand the way cheaters approach rounding games and scamming private games, it’s good to understand some of the basic methods used by traditional card cheats. Even given the vast amount of poker information available today on the internet, it’s surprising how little (truly accurate) information is out there about card cheating.

There are a lot of magicians who teach card manipulation, but few of them have ever used the skills they teach under fire in a live game, and those who truly know what they are talking about are few and far between. The most knowledgeable person on the subject that I know is my dear friend Steve Forte, author of Casino Protection, Poker Protection, and the newly released, Gambling Sleight of Hand – Forte Years of Research, which is a two-volume masterpiece sold for 300 bucks!

When the hold’em craze hit in the early 2000s an interesting thing happened. Poker players began to multiply like never before. Suddenly there were people playing high-stakes hold’em without even knowing how to execute a standard table riffle shuffle, or deal a hand of seven card stud. To me, these players were like children who understood how to ride in a car strapped in the child safety seat, but had no idea how to drive. If you get behind the wheel, you want to know how to control the car right? The same should be the case with poker.

One big aspect that poker players count on is a straight deal. Another thing they count on is the honor and integrity of the man sitting next to them. I always look for and expect the best out of people, but in the immortal words of S.W. Erdnase, author of the 1902 classic, Expert At The Card Table, “Men who play for any considerable amount of money are looking to get the best of it.” And for many of today’s modern era poker players, it’s safe to say, they can go for a ride in the car, but there are few who know how to drive it.

Now, don’t get me wrong… it’s not necessary to learn how to cheat in order to spot a cheater. But in this writer’s humble opinion, knowing the methods of a cheat are just as important as knowing how many outs you have on the river, or whether or not you are being laid the right price to call after a three-bet.

In order to determine whether or not you are well-versed in the ways one can get cheated at the poker table, I have provided you with an introductory card cheater’s assessment. Take the quiz seriously and answer the questions honestly. Otherwise, you’ll just be cheating yourself! HAHA

The answers will be revealed in a video at the end of quiz. The video will also provide tips and examples of ways you can protect your home game, and protect yourself when playing live poker.

1. At a recent book signing, someone asked me if Tobey Maguire and I had “paper down” when we ran the big game. What was he referring to?

a) Keeping a paper trail of wins and lossesb) Posting the buy in with cashc) Making a list of fish to hustled) None of the above

2. To spot someone base dealing is to notice they are…

a) Dealing from the buttonb) Stealing chips from the pot while no one is lookingc) Dealing cards off the bottom of the deckd) None of the above

3. What did the player mean when he said, the dealer had been dealing deuces all night long and no-one ever noticed?

a) Dealing the second card from the top of the deckb) Stacking the deck to flop two pair to a partnerc) Dealing low cards on purposed) None of the above

4. Why did the player get worried when he noticed the dealer continuously doing a short shuffle?

a) Because the dealer could have been controlling a slugb) Because the cards weren’t being fairly shuffledc) Because he feared the dealer was culling card to the bottom.d) All of the above

5. The Overhand Run Up, Riffle Stacking, Short Shuffles, Push Thru Shuffles, and Zarrow Shuffles are all forms of what?

a) Casino shuffling proceduresb) Card controlc) Second dealing

6. What is a Double Duke?

a) Doubling up with a pair of jacksb) Losing a huge hand to a bigger hand from a stacked deckc) Dealing the second card off the top of the deckd) None of the above

7. The Crimp, the Hop, and the Shift are all ways to do what?

a) Cheat at cardsb) Control a slug to the top or bottom of the deckc) Nullify the cutd) All of the above

8. What does it mean to “ring in a cooler?”

a) To invite a hustler to your card gameb) To stack the deck during a shufflec) To switch the entire deck after or during the cutd) To play poker in an igloo

9. What is cold stacking?

a) Arranging your chips in a way that signals your hand to a partnerb) Switching the deck after it has been shuffledc) Stacking the deck on the flyd) Maintaining the entire deck order using a false shuffle

10. What is the form of cheating known as a Hold Out?

a) When you wait for one big pot and then cheat in order to win itb) When you short the pot by palming off chips during a callc) When you secretly hold on to cards that should have been muckedd) All of the above

To check your answers, watch the video below.

I also have autographed copies of Billion Dollar Hollywood Heist now available at my website for those interested in reading the true story behind the biggest poker game in Hollywood history.

Until next time, stay sharp… stay KardSharp!

Houston CurtisHouston Curtis, founder of and author of Billion Dollar Hollywood Heist has lived a successful double life as both a producer and card mechanic for nearly 30 years. His credits include executive producing gambling related TV shows such as The Ultimate Blackjack Tour on CBS, The Aruba Poker Classic on GSN and pioneering the poker instructional DVD genre with titles featuring poker champion Phil Hellmuth.

Barred for life from Las Vegas Golden Nugget for “excessive winning” at blackjack, Houston is one of the world’s most successful card mechanics and sleight-of-hand artists of the modern era. Curtis, who rarely plays in tournaments, won a 2004 Legends of Poker no-limit hold’em championship event besting Scotty Nguyen heads-up at the final table before going on to co-found the elite Hollywood poker ring that inspired Aaron Sorkin’s Academy Award-nominated film Molly’s Game.

Curtis resides in Phoenix, Arizona where in addition to running a production company and independent record label, he is also a private gaming/casino protection consultant to clients across the globe seeking insight into master level card cheating tactics via advanced sleight-of-hand technique. To reach Houston for a speaking engagement, consulting or production services send email to

All views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Card Player.

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 First Choice Bancorp, the holding company for First Choice Bank (the “Bank” or “First Choice”), today announced that the Bank has been named one of American Banker’s Best Banks to Work For in 2020. For the third year in a row, First Choice Bank has the distinction of being the only bank located in Southern California to be named to this prestigious list and is one of only two banks in the entire state to be recognized. Full results of this year’s program are available online at American Banker ( and in the October issue of American Banker Magazine.

“First Choice Bank being named one of American Banker’s 2020 Best Banks to Work For is truly an honor and means even more because we received it based on our employees’ own responses,” said President & CEO Robert Franko. “Our team has worked harder than ever this year, putting in long hours to assist our clients with Paycheck Protection Program and Main Street Lending Program loans to help save their businesses and thousands of jobs for their employees during this pandemic, as well as to volunteer their time to help local charitable organizations assisting those most impacted by COVID-19. We are incredibly proud of this exceptional group of individuals and their continued efforts. They have really gone above and beyond this year,” Mr. Franko added.

The Best Banks to Work For program, which was initiated in 2013 by American Banker and Best Companies Group, identifies, recognizes and honors U.S. banks for outstanding employee satisfaction. Determining the Best Banks to Work For involves a two-step process. The first step involves an evaluation of participating companies’ workplace policies, practices, and demographics. In the second step, employee surveys are conducted to directly assess the experiences and attitudes of individual employees with respect to their workplace. The combined scores determine the top banks and the final ranking.

Story continues

Chairman Hui noted, “Even with our considerable growth over the last few years, each and every First Choice employee is an important and critical partner of the Bank. Given all of the challenges this year has brought, we are heartened to hear that the work environment we have provided continues to be a place where our team members can thrive. It highlights the Bank’s core commitment to serve our employees, clients, shareholders and communities in the best ways possible.” first choice

Best Companies Group’s annual ranking recognizes the financial institutions that have leadership teams that continually put their employees first and make having a collaborative workplace a priority. “One of the critical factors in a bank's success is how it treats its employees. This year's list honors those institutions which have gone above and beyond to invest in employees' personal and professional growth,” said Alan Kline, editor in chief of American Banker.

About First Choice Bancorp

First Choice Bancorp, headquartered in Cerritos, California, is the sole shareholder of and the registered bank holding company for, First Choice Bank. As of September 30, 2020, First Choice Bancorp had total consolidated assets of $2.26 billion. First Choice Bank, also headquartered in Cerritos, California, is a community-based financial institution that serves primarily commercial and consumer clients in diverse communities and specializes in loans to small- to medium-sized businesses and private banking clients, commercial and industrial loans, and commercial real estate loans, with a specialization in providing financial solutions for the hospitality industry. First Choice Bank is proud to be designated by the FDIC as a Minority Depository Institution (MDI) and to be certified through the U.S. Department of the Treasury as a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI). First Choice Bank is a strong believer in social justice and equality and is proud of its cultural- and gender-diverse workforce. As of September 30, 2020, more than 71% of the Company's total workforce identified as ethnic minorities and more than 66% of its workforce and more than 50% of its senior management identified as female. First Choice Bank is a Preferred Small Business Administration (SBA) Lender. First Choice Bank conducts business through nine full-service branches and two loan production offices located in Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego Counties. Founded in 2005, First Choice Bank has quickly become a leading provider of financial services that enable our customers to grow, maintain strength, and achieve their business objectives. We strive to surpass our clients’ expectations through our efficiency, personalized services and financial solutions and professionalism and are committed to being “First in Speed, Service, and Solutions.” First Choice Bancorp stock is traded on the Nasdaq Capital Market under the ticker symbol finance group

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