Thursday, 25 March 2021

Minecraft kitchen ideas

 Looking for some cool Minecraft kitchen ideas? Minecraft kitchens, like houses in general, range from simple to extravagant. This room is central to any home, but it can be tricky to know where to start without some kind of template to follow.

With so many intricate parts, like working cupboards, shiny work-surfaces, and even usable ovens, there’s a lot to consider when putting together a kitchen for your home – and that’s not even including the types of materials you have to decide on. You may want somewhere to retire after a long day of taking down Minecraft phantoms, or a place to concoct new potions and all your Minecraft brewing needs. Whatever the use, it’s important the kitchen feels like home, whether that be chilling out at the breakfast bar or entertaining friends.

Whether you’re an accomplished builder, a total newbie, or simply looking for fresh inspiration for your Minecraft kitchen, we’ve found a little something for everyone – along with handy tutorials. So, here are all the best Minecraft kitchen ideas to get you started.

Here are the best Minecraft kitchen ideas:

Basic Modern Kitchen

If you’re looking for the kind of kitchen that wouldn’t look out of place in an Ikea catalogue, then a modern Minecraft kitchen ideas is likely the way to go. These look great with plenty of windows, but with some lovely hanging lights for entertaining guests in the evening.

This kitchen from MCram is an ideal way to flex your creative muscles without getting too bogged down with appliances.

Cellar Kitchen

If you’re not interested in windows to the outside world, then this little slice of culinary paradise could be ideal for you. A peaceful haven, this kitchen offers wine-dispensers, along with a stunning extractor fan above a stone central island.

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Made predominantly from wood, it wouldn’t look out of place in a stone-based home like the Medieval house we mentioned in our Minecraft house ideas guide.

Working Kitchen Diner

Here’s where things can get a little trickier, but much more rewarding. While having a good-looking kitchen is great, having one that actually works is even better. This effort from Typface is brought to life by warm lighting, wooden decor, and a working oven that’ll have you cooking blocky feasts in no time.

And, with plenty of space for guests, you can host scrummy in-game dinner parties.

Retro Kitchen

If you’re looking for a very particular aesthetic, one full of the kind of colour combinations you’d find in the sixties and seventies, then this effort from VeryDoge is worth a go.

With red and green decor, dark green floor tiles and a mushroom-coloured carpet, it’s certainly something unlike other entries on this list. There’s even a quirky water feature tucked away in the corner which you could swap out for an aquarium. There’s also a nice mix of wood and stone, so you don’t have to feel like you’re spending too much resource.

Working Kitchen

If you want to really show off, then Magma has put together a truly impressive Minecraft small kitchen ideas space. It’s not the most aesthetically pleasing, but this kitchen features a fully functional refrigerator, microwave, stove, and more – all nestled into its quartz cupboards and worktops. The microwave will even emit a sound when food is cooked!

These Minecraft Kitchen design ideas will please any chef, so you can host your pals for a fancy dinner, or lock yourself away for a weekend of peace and tranquillity. If you’re aiming a bit higher, our guide to the best Minecraft tower build ideas may be the perfect place to position your new kitchen.

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